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Ashish Sinha

Brings over 10 years of invaluable experience in mentoring, specializing in mathematics, entrance exam strategies, and computer science.

Qualified in IIT, NIMCET, JNU, BHU, and BIT Mesra, securing top ranks at KIIT (AIR -1), BIT (AIR -2), and JNU (AIR -3) ,IIT (AIR-88) in almost every top MCA entrance

Teaching for 10+ years

Mathematics Tricks Specialist

Winning Preparation Strategy

Mastery of Mathematics

Over 10 years of experience in computer science, providing sessions to excel in top companies like Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, and more. Specializing in data structures, system design, SDE, SRE, and DevOps preparation strategies.

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Ashish Sinha 1 Year 30 Students

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Computer Science/ English
Test Series/Live Sessions

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